Wellbeing Oil

The Story of Wellbeing Oil

During my 30 years of clinical practice as a physiotherapist, I have seen many people use many different remedies to relieve their muscle pain, in the form of ointments, creams and oils. These remedies had various levels of effectiveness, however, some caused skin irritations, others had a pungent smell and some didn't work at all.

I began to wonder, could there be a better option for my patients? Could I find a remedy that was effective, friendly to the skin, easy to apply, and smelt great?

I started to do my own research, testing and trialing remedies for more than two years. After much time and effort, I found it -what I believe to be the best formula for muscle pain and tightness; Wellbeing Oil.


Wellbeing Oil is a blend of ginger, eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender and lemongrass in a calming blend of jojoba and sweet almond oil base. Using only the highest quality ingredients, this soothing blend absorbs completely into the skin, leaving your skin supple and warm, but not oily.

The active ingredients of ginger and eucalyptus help to relieve minor joint aches, while rosemary , lavender and lemongrass will help to relieve muscle cramps, aches and  promote circulation.

When to use:

Use Wellbeing Oil after exercising or playing sports to relieve mild muscle aches, or at the end of a long day's work to sooth tired, aching muscles and joints pain.
Wellbeing oil is gentle enough to relieve aches and muscle pains in children too.

How to use:

Apply a small amount of oil onto your palm and gently apply pressure on your tight/ sore muscle or joint, gently massaging in the oil for a few minutes. Add extra oil if needed.
Wellbeing Oil can be applied a few times a day if required.

- Kevin Lau